Think Like a Boss: An Interview with Entrepreneur, Alexandra Bernard-Simmons

evolution of hiphop

We've all known, or heard of, one of those rare women in the world who is able to successfully accomplish an insane amount of tasks in one day. She's the type of superhero-level person who makes us normal humans wonder how she was able to break the space-time continuum. Alexandra Bernard-Simmons is exactly that type of person. Not only is she a mother, but she's also the founder of multiple companies and a travel blog. I can only hope, for my own sake, that her ambition and energy are contagious!

Introducing Alexandra Bernard-Simmons:


You're the true definition of an entrepreneur. How did this path come about?

"Everything I am pursuing now I've always held in my heart and discovered through being authentic. I always knew what I liked and what I wanted out of life. I just needed to be mature, focused, and aligned with the universe's timing to make it a reality. I've always been a dancer and own a performing arts company titled The Evolution of Hip Hop, LLC. I always used to fight boys in grade school and tell them how girls rule and boys drool, and I'm a founder of a women's empowerment movement titled 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Boss.' Lastly, I was born in Germany but left at such an early age that I only had faint memories. I fell in love with a far off place I didn't even know, and that love took me back there and opened my eyes to the wonder of travel. I became an avid traveler with my own blog and travel videos under the name, Travel Bitten Lex, and an up-and-coming travel clothes line 'I Am Travel'."


What do you FORESEe happening in the next 5-10 years?

"I'm excited about the future!  I have so many great endeavors, so many plans, and so many ideas that I get to live out after quitting my 9-5 a year ago to follow my passions and purpose full-time. I'm excited everyday I wake to dive into the things I love. As of now, my boldest personal goal is to have my own TV show. As an overall entertainer, I really thrive on camera or on stage, so I know that will land me an opportunity to influence people on such a larger level." 


Most people are afraid to start their own business or speak onstage. But Not you! do you have any fears?

"I've always loved to travel but am afraid of flying. It didn't matter how many flights I took or trips I've been on. Long flights gave me anxiety and bumpy flights damn near made me pass out. But I always believed I should face my fears head on, so for my 30th birthday, I just decided to jump out of a plane. It was the most frightening and bravest thing I've ever done.  I remember jumping out, flipping over, and watching the plane fly away as I was falling 10,00 feet in the air.  I literally stopped breathing for about 5 seconds to gather my life. Once I landed on the ground, I was beyond empowered. I was thinking to myself 'Now that that fear is over, I can go about living my life'."


So, my dear reader, what fears have you faced head on? Let us know in the comments, and please show Alex some love!