Walking the Edge: An Interview with Teen Author, Reka Kaponay

reka kaponay

Reka Kaponay has only been on this earth since 2001, but from what I can tell, she's definitely an old soul. Whatever she lacks in years, she quickly makes up for in her quantity of unforgettable life experiences. Reka has traveled the world full-time with her parents and twin brother since the age of ten. She's now been to over thirty countries where she participates in a type of education called world-schooling, or as she likes to call it, the School of Life.

Please Meet this inspiring young author and adventurer, Reka Kaponay:


It's Such An accomplishment to be a teen author! How Did You becomE a writer?

“Well, for as long as I remember, I’ve loved to write and read. From a very young age, I always had this sense of wonderment at how someone could create such magic with their minds and then bundle all of that enchantment into a few hundred pages of hardbound paper. Even then, I wanted to be a part of those ‘magical’ people who were storytellers. Those people who could create words so profound, they could change someone. It was during the first year of our world travels that my writing evolved to create my travel blog of Dreamtime Traveler. I wanted to be able to inspire other families and couples and solo adventurers to walk to the edge of their comfort zones and start living their travel dreams. 

But the true inspiration to further my love of the written word came on a bus ride past the Rock of Gibraltar. We were returning to Morocco after a weekend with a close friend and mentor of mine in the Andalusian town of Arcos de la Frontera. It had been here that I had met and interacted with a 2 and a half year old Patterdale Terrier called Fūko. My experiences in Arcos, combined with my avid love of fantasy and adventure fiction, converged in the Spanish countryside and suddenly my mind was brimming with inspiration. On the ferry ride across the channel from Tarifa to Tangier, I began taking notes and by the time we had docked on Moroccan soil I already knew that the wildly scribbled pages of imagination that surrounded me would one day become something much bigger. Fast forward two years to when I was 14 years old, and it was the eve of my Book Launch. Fūko had become the main character in Dawn of the Guardian, my very own fantasy fiction adventure novel.”

reka kaponay

What's Coming Up Next for you?

“I’m incredibly excited about landing in Edinburgh and embarking on Dawn of the Guardian’s International Book Tour! The tour will see us travel across Scotland, England, the USA and Canada to visit schools, libraries, bookstores and communities of learning where I will be able to speak to students about the messages that are within Dawn of the Guardian and trustfully inspire them to pursue their own passions and follow their dreams. But until then, we still have a little bit of time here in the sunny South of Spain while we finalize the tour details. I’m also excited about enjoying our last few days of warm weather.”


That sounds amazing! Where do You see things Headed in the Future?

reka kaponay

“I hope to see Dawn of the Guardian made into a film. I know it is truly a bold dream, one that will require a lot more perseverance and determination, but I would love to see my characters come alive on-screen as a live action film or even a rich animation. I also dream of continuing my journey of learning, pursuing my passions, improving my skills as a writer, and having more novels published and read throughout the world. But most importantly, I dream of inspiring others, young and old, to follow their dreams. I dream of people seeing the world as a wondrous place to explore instead of fearing it, a place to make new friends, to learn from and to appreciate life for all that it is. I believe that is the essence of travel in its rawest form.”


reka kaponay

You've already done so many brave things in your life. What's been your #1 gutsy moment?

“It was when last year I walked the entire 838 kilometre (520 Mile) Camino de Santiago del Norte. I had just turned 14 and had not even an inkling of the blistering days, starry nights, vicious rainstorms and delicious Tortilla de Española’s that awaited us. But it wasn’t just a single moment of being brave, or gutsy, or crazy. It was a thousand moments, filled with a thousand emotions, each just as significant as the last and each just as treasured. It was a momentous adventure that I got to share with my parents and my twin brother. We crossed mountains and rivers and valleys, we passed oceans and cities and monasteries, we traveled through the provinces of Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and finally, Galicia. We didn’t quit or desert or give up, we pushed through when we couldn’t go further and we trekked on when we felt like our feet would fracture. We made ever-lasting friendships, experienced memories that will burn within us forever and we laughed so hard that at times I thought our very bones would break. We walked The Way from start to end and finished it together as a family.”


So, my dear reader, has a travel experience ever inspired you to create something? Let us know in the comments below, and please send Reka some love and encouragement too!