6 Reasons to Experience Spain with PINC this Summer!

If you could do one thing this summer that would create the biggest positive impact for the rest of your life, do you know what it would be? 


Last week, by a stroke of luck, I was connected with the inspiring Lisette Miranda who is the founder of PINC (Professional Internships for Networking and Connections) in Madrid, Spain. After hearing about Lisette's story and her amazing programs, I knew that it'd be my mission to help find the next round of adventurous, ambitious young women who are going to follow their dreams with PINC.


You might be wondering, "What is PINC, and what's so special about it?"


The short form answer is that PINC is a personal and professional development program that offers two different summer programs for young women (aged 18+): an 8-week internship program and a 3-week immersion program. Most commonly, participants are in college or have graduated in recent years, but all are ambitious and passionate about building their skills and contacts in an exciting European setting with PINC. The program's goal is to educate and empower young women in order to build inspiring and confident female leaders of the future.

You can learn even more about the two programs by signing up with the form at the bottom of this blog post, or by visiting the PINC website. If that's not enough to get you excited...


Let me ask one more time: If you could do one thing this summer that would create the biggest positive impact for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

The answer is: Go to Europe with PINC! Need more convincing to head to Spain? Here are six reasons why this is a fantastic opportunity:


+ Learn the beautiful Spanish language!

In Madrid, you'll be immersed in a week of intensive Spanish classes (about 25 hours of instruction) with your fellow PINC members, and you'll get to practice your new Spanish skills as you explore the city and interact with locals. 

+ Experience another culture & become a global citizen!

Meander through local markets, admire famous landmarks, and fall in love with the bustling city of Madrid. You can visit the royal palace, the opera house, and a variety of other sights and museums. And then, enjoy delicious tapas and wine with friends on an outdoor terrace until the wee hours of the night- all for the sake of anthropological study, of course!

+ Build your resume with business & leadership skills!

Not only can you get involved with an amazing internship in your field of choice during the 8-week PINC program, but in both, you'll also get to take part in personal development workshops. Some topics that you'll receive training around include: budgeting your finances, using social media to build professional connections, and how to fascinate your audience. All would be perfect skills to talk about in a future job interview!

+ Gain more independence & confidence!

From my experience, nothing will give you more trust in your own abilities than being able to successfully navigate a foreign city all by yourself. Being in a new place where you're anonymous provides such a wonderful sense of independence. It's time to break free and experience what making choices all by yourself feels like. There's no better place than Europe to begin tasting that freedom!

+ Network & be mentored by awesome people!

If you choose to do the internship program, you'll get the opportunity to work with a great company and make a variety of important connections in your future field. You'll also be informed of networking opportunities going on around Madrid in order to make international contacts in business and female entrepreneurship. The best part is that at the end of the PINC program you can be partnered with a mentor who will help guide and support you towards your goals. 

+ Do something gutsy & outside the norm! 

There is no better time to simultaneously live it up in Spain and jump start your career than right now! It might feel scary to take the leap on a big adventure like this, but you will learn so many amazing things throughout your journey with PINC. You will never be the same- maybe this will be the summer that changes everything and leads you to your life path. You'll never know unless you get gutsy and sign up to embark on this experience!


The deadline to sign-up for either program is approaching quickly - MAY 1ST. I don't want you or any of your friends to miss out on the experience! Please share this post and the PINC mission with any young woman who you believe would love to explore Spain while building personal development skills.


Have any questions about PINC? Want more information on the experience? Sign up with the form below, and we'll contact you within 24 hours.