A Letter from My Future Self


Tonight is the eve of my future. The cusp of a beginning that I've, seemingly, been waiting for forever. And maybe I have. Every choice I've made has brought me here and made me ready and excited to become a coach. It's been my dream job for years, but because of that pedestal I'd put it on, pursuing a career in coaching literally terrified me.

Somehow I built up the courage to apply for the Courageous Coaching Training Program (CCTP) this past year, and to my delight, I was accepted into their year-long course with thirty-one other women. I've been waiting and waiting for this day to come... and it's finally here.

I'm currently looking out over the bay in San Francisco, over 3,000 miles from my home and comfort zone, but I feel freaking zen.  I know this is where I'm supposed to be. But that doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of stress and fear building up to this moment. So that's what this post is all about. I'm going to channel the words of my experienced future self and give a loving pep-talk to the me that I am now- scared, inspired, full of hope. Wish me luck!



Dear Caylee,

I'm proud of you already. You believe that you always have to be improving, learning, becoming better than you are right now. But I want you to know that you're already enough, just as you are.

The pressure and perfectionism that you hold over yourself is only serving to keep you stuck. For a long time, you've thought that in order to be successful you had to be highly critical of yourself, but I know you're coming around to see that instead, you just need to love and accept yourself. Letting go of trying to be perfect will allow your beautiful, vulnerable self to shine through. It will allow you to create a better business and more fulfilling life when you open yourself up to people and are willing to try, but possibly fail.

You will fail. But you'll also succeed to heights that you cannot even fathom for yourself right now. You've always been a dreamer, but dream even bigger. Don't settle for a downgraded version of the future. You can have it all. So strive harder. Work long hours full of passion at the beginning. Get out of your comfort zone to meet new people. Collaborate with them and create gorgeous things. Be vulnerable and give love even when it's the most terrifying thing you could do.

Everything will be okay... in fact, it will be far better than that. Your life will be full of adventures, retreats, being a guest on shows, inspiring individuals, speaking engagements, and happy moments filled with love. By the way, yes, I did say speaking engagements- you better start practicing your public speaking skills. My other tip for you? Keep trusting your gut. It has a magical way of always being right.

So, in closing, I just want to tell you to have fun. You're going to rock this. And by "this," I mean everything. Yes, you'll start off slow while you're learning and trying to get a feel for things. But as soon as you decide to let go and put yourself out there, you'll be a bombshell in business and in life.

I'll be along for the whole crazy ride, supporting you and guiding you.

Love always,

Future Caylee



It's interesting- I went into a loving meditation as my future self when writing that letter. I felt blissful. But when I snapped out of my little trance and re-read it, the critical and scared current me couldn't help but feel doubt about everything that was written. How could I be super successful? How will I be able to be loved? How will I be able to move past my current fears?

Breaking through all of these questions and more is what I'm looking forward to doing in my  training program this year. Not only will I become a certified, professional coach, but I'll also get the opportunity to be coached and move past many of my own blockages. But most importantly, I'll learn all of the skills necessary to be the best life coach for YOU and your needs.

So when I say that today is the beginning of my future, I mean that in every way possible- both professionally and personally. Let's see what exciting experiences the future has to hold. I hope that you come along for the adventure. If you'd like to, please subscribe below to get monthly inspirational updates.

So what would your future self say to you right now? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy that you're here with me,

xo Caylee