A Gutsy Girl at Any Age


I'm proud of the people who go for the thrilling choices in life. The ones who are scared to take the leap but decide to do it anyways. Instead of just talking about something, they take action. They don't passively accept their fate, but grab life by the horns and create their own version of a dream. I am hopelessly in love with these inspiring people.


One woman who really embodies those values today is my mother, Carol. She's always said that she wants to travel abroad but has never actually taken the risk and purchased a plane ticket to go on any of her dream trips. Actually, my mom has never traveled anywhere outside of the U.S., except for a few Caribbean islands, in her whole life.

The big vacation that my mom has wanted to go on for a long time is to our ancestral homeland of Germany. A few generations back, my family is from a Bavarian town near Munich and then settled more recently in a German-dominated area of Missouri. You'd clearly notice this cultural tie at my old, childhood home- there were about twenty intricate beer steins displayed all over the living room!

Anyway, for years and years we've talked about going to Germany together. I lived in the West German town of Wuppertal for eleven months in high school, but she never made the leap to come see me there. Since I've been back in the States for over seven years, I've asked many times- "Want to explore Germany with me this year?" And every time I've gotten the same answer, "I'd like to, but maybe another time."

For a while, I thought that her answer was just an excuse. That she kept pushing it off because she was secretly scared to get out of her comfort zone. That maybe in her heart of hearts she didn't want to travel with me, but would rather just stay in the United States.

So I recently asked, one final time before I'd just go by myself instead, "Want to explore Germany with me this year?" And this time my mom surprised me with her reply, "Yes! Let's plan the trip right now."


mom and i

And today I am writing you to say that the trip to Europe with my mother is officially booked for this coming July 2015!


We'll first fly into Switzerland and explore Basel and the Alps around Lucerne. Then we'll take a luxury river cruise up the Rhine for eight days, stopping at castles and quint towns along the way in France and the Black Forest region of Germany. We'll make our way north up Germany through the Rhine River valley to Cologne and then end in Amsterdam, Holland. We'll enjoy the canals of Amsterdam for a couple of days until we head over to visit my host family back in West Germany for the rest of the trip.

Needless to say, I am beyond excited. I haven't been to a vast majority of the places we'll be seeing on the trip, so it'll all be new to my eyes as much as for my mom. On the river cruise, we'll have a balcony suite where we can sit and watch the gorgeous scenery pass us by while sipping on a nice glass of wine. Sounds like a dream to me.

Most of all, I am proud of my mom for being brave and deciding to move forward with one of her travel dreams for the first time. I hope that she loves Germany as much as I do and that we'll have many more European travel adventures ahead of us in the years to come.


It's wonderful to remember that we can make these gutsy choices at any age, or any stage, in our life. You just gotta go for it.


So who in your life are you proud of and inspired by? Call them out in the comments below, and tell us what awesome things they've done!


Have a great rest of the week,