The Gutsy Girl Living Philosophy

A philosophy is a way of seeing the world, a way of understanding existence. Everyone has their own personal take on how life should be lived, and so does Gutsy Girl Living! This graphic that I created could even be considered a manifesto of sorts, because it's publicly declaring the belief system behind myself and this blog.


If you find yourself passionately aligned with the purpose below, then you are my ideal reader, and I'm crazy excited to have you!



Some things I love? You'll be right at home if you're obsessed with any of the following:

Cupcakes, playing ukulele, Brene Brown books, maps of the world, Haim, going on road trips, writing, Justin Timberlake songs (including Dick in a Box), Lily Pulitzer agendas, train travel, Colorado, historical fiction novels, doing headstands, Athens, GA, all things peanut butter, folk dancing, hibachi, Harry Potter, cute stationary, the changing of seasons, waking up to the call of Howler monkeys, Buena Vista Social Club, the store Anthropologie, and the study of Anthropology!


Tell me some of the things that you're passionately in love with in the comments below! Do you believe in the Gutsy Girl Living philosophy? Let me know which parts aligned most with your personal beliefs. If you liked what we'll be working towards on this blog, please subscribe in the green box at the bottom of the page- you'll get a free, digital adventure workbook for signing up!

Have a beautiful day,