Blog Launch: Gutsy Girl Living is Now Here!

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Hey there! Welcome to my new website!


I am SO excited to finally have a real domain name and a pretty website design that fits with where I want to take this blog in the future. I created the look myself! Amazing what someone can do with a bit of inspiration, right?

As you can see, the biggest difference is the change in name from Gutsy Girl Wellness to now being called Gutsy Girl Living. I did this for one main reason- I was being pulled to write beyond the topic of wellness. Though I will continue to talk about health & wellness, I also want to feature my love of travel. This blog will now become a kaleidoscope of ideas filled with anything an adventurous, spunky girl might like.

Additionally, I would love to invite you to sign-up below for biweekly newsletter updates from me. I'll send you an inspiring email every couple of weeks to help brighten your life. The best part is that, if you sign up below, you'll receive a free digital workbook that I created just to help you set awesome goals for the upcoming New Year- it's called "Make 2015 Your Gutsiest Year Ever." Just print it out and start making time for beautiful life adventures. These special treats are for subscribers only! :)


So now that you've signed up to be part of my tribe of spirited friends, wouldn't you like to know what's in the works for us? Here are the posts and products to look forward to in the near future on Gutsy Girl Living:


+ Awesome, detailed travel itineraries for places like Costa Rica, Panama, Germany, and more

+ A behind-the-scenes look at what training is like to become a coach

+ Guides to road tripping and epic train travel throughout the U.S.

+ Guest post how-to's on DIY soaps, candles, and natural beauty products

+ Exciting challenges to get you in the adventurous spirit

+ Coaching services to help you find your passions, reach your goals, and live to the fullest

+ Much more wellness related goodness such as amazing yoga poses, dream retreats, and book reviews

+ Cute digital products to use as desktop wallpapers, prints in your bedroom, or anything else that your crafty, creative brain can imagine

+ A lively & engaged Facebook community

+ An inspiring podcast that... well, you'll just have to wait and see ;)


Those are the big things coming up in the next several months! I really, truly hope you'll enjoy the changes to Gutsy Girl Living. Please let me know what you'd love to read and learn more about on my blog. I also want to hear your thoughts on the new design! Your feedback is so important to me. Just comment below!


Since this is such a special week for Gutsy Girl Living, I'm going to be posting everyday for the next 5 days. Tomorrow I'll be announcing a special giveaway, so stay tuned for the details! See you tomorrow!


With love,