adjective informal

showing courage, determination, & spirit.

synonyms: brave, bold, daring, fearless, adventurous, plucky


Pick whichever word that appeals most to you, but all of them say three things about the woman who exudes it:

1. She unabashedly goes for her goals & dreams.

2. She doesn't let setbacks stop her- to fail is to learn.

3. She values kindness, authenticity, & intellectual curiosity. 


Everyone has dreams they are simultaneously drawn towards and terrified of. It's these types of lofty goals that you're afraid to want, because if you never get them it might just destroy you. Your cynical brain whispers that it's better if you never even try. Then, you'll never feel disappointed! Still, your courageous, hopeful heart asks you to take the chance. "Why not?! Just go for it," your heart begs.


This is your moment to choose the gutsy path. But what would happen if this continuous choice to be brave became your everyday lifestyle?


This is where Gutsy Girl Living comes in.


My blog is dedicated to showcasing the lives of daring women who wake up every morning and choose to live boldly. Gutsy Girl Living features lifestyle advice and inspiration on a variety of topics that are of interest to the adventurous, risk-loving woman.


Let the Gutsy Girl community be there for you in all of the moments when you need a pep talk, a muse, or even a celebratory glass of champagne!



Hi, I'm Caylee! Want to know more about me?


I'm really good at: giving motivational speeches, interpretive dance, playing ukulele, writing, planning awesome events, taking pictures, making videos, being gutsy on the daily

The coolest thing I've ever seen is: the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in the North Pole of Finland

Three times I surprised myself were: when I signed up for improv & writing classes at the famous Second City Training Center, learned how to surf, & started up this blog!

My big dream for Gutsy Girl Living is: that I want to lead a variety of events and retreats for adventurous ladies to step out of their comfort zones

Six things I love are: traveling, Instagram, the environment, midnight milkshakes, comedy shows, & deep conversations

I have lived in: Florida, Georgia, Germany, Massachusetts, Vietnam, DC, Thailand, & now... Illinois!

My next gutsy goals are: to grow Gutsy Girl Living into a major brand, to write & film my own show, to perform live on stage, and to work on more art projects


xo, Caylee


Thank you for stopping by and exploring my website.

Please check back as Gutsy Girl Living continues to grow!